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Waste of a dollar i want my money back

Epic fail

Dont download when you want it to go high pitch the robot just talks louder it dosent go high pitch when you want it to go low he talk less loud and then when you want it to sound like a human it still sounds like a robot EPIC FAIL!!!


Pretty cool but really needs more voices and more sound also needs louder sound...


Not loud enough, I wanted to use cause I have no voice right now and its crap worse 99 cents I ever spent

Not bad

Could use mor voices but otherwise it works great. I use it to create custom text tones with contact names, so I know whos texting without even looking at my phone.

Funny app!

This app is so funny! HAHAHAHA!

Great fun!

Well I had hours of fun with this!

App needs LANDSCAPE..

Please add landscape for 5stars...


Dont buy this!!!! Its poop! trust me, its the same voice! I was so dissapointed when I played it! Its no fun and boring, I wasted my money. Free version is better. Dont buy it!!!

AWSOME, but only one thing.

I want it to say rofl rofl rofl but instead it just pronounces it r o f l -.- if you fix it ill give you 5 stars! ^^

Whos there?

Whoossss theere???


I want Microsoft Sam for arby and chief lulz


Its the same voice and you cant hear it clearly

Pure Frivolous Junk

Sound is fuzzy and lo-fi, cant understand a word, and there is little variation - its all the same voice. Waste of a buck.

Best 99c spent this year!

Great value!

Not as fun as it appears to be

The audio is not very good so whatever you type is repeated in a dull voice. I expected more variance on the sounds that the app could produce. It is a very flat sounding application. The volume doesnt even go too high. I am very disappointed. I expected more.

This app is a waste of a dollar!

Dont waste your dollar. Just put it in the trash instead.

Great concept, poorly executed.

Two major things about this app that make it a waste: 1. The UI is difficult to understand at first glance. You really need to wrap your brain around it before you understand it. 2. The voice quality is poor. You can barely understand what the characters are saying, which, at some points, is so bad, it sounds like theyre speaking gibberish. Fix these major issues and Ill change my rating to five stars!!!

Not happy!!!

Very unhappy. This app used my address book and my email account and mailed my friends to advertise the app!! Not acceptable to me! I received no notice or request for consent!!!!! One star because I cant leave 0!! DELETED!!


OMG! Its really amusing when you set up the coversations with the different voices. HAHAHAH!

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